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HELP! - Sachiel
March 31st, 2005
04:44 pm


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Dear friends!
I am new in this society, however, not the first day in the tea market.
I would be very greatful to you for some advice and help.
The Russian tea market is very capricious and the competitorship is very high. For three months I have been trying to find the adequate English tea supplier (at least the German one). What I mean by the "adequate" - it is QUALITY and PACKAGING. The most important thing is ORIGINALITY in order to stand out in the market. Definitely, the supplier shouldn't have any distributors in Russia yet. And what is more important, it must offer a wide range for the HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes) business. We are less interested in retail.
At the moment the German teas are extremely popular in Moscow, these are Ronnenfeldt and Geschwendtner. Their main advantage is an outstanding elite-looking package (glossy cup teabags, long teabags for the teapots being individually packed and tagged - you can see them almost in every Moscow cafe or restaurant)). It is necessary to mention that the teapot teabags are EXTREMELY important!
We are also interested in the leaf tea.
All in all, we need black tea (3-4 different variants), green (with and without addings), fruit and herbal teas. But in the original packaging!
You would really save me if you advise me some companies!!

Thanks in advance!

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