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the_tea_room's Journal

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This is for polite discussion! Disagreements are fine, just handle them maturely. Controversial conversations (e.g. discrimination, polotics, etc.) are, of course, welcome. This will also work as a place to come and complain (politely if it involves any online anyones so as to avoid conflict). No verbal violence permitted, though that isn't a foul language ban. Basically, don't attack anyone. (Okay, I've stressed that enough, I think...)

That being said, I know we are all human and we all err, so there will be a "three strikes, you're out" system. If you say something that you know might be offending (and someone does take offense, particularly), you will get a warning. Three of these in one month results in your extermination from the list. I'm sorry if that seems mean, but the point of the list is the idealistic view of a world of anti-mean.

Basically, this is a list for cheering up and complaining without worry of attackers. Let's try and make it work for a better world! .... even if the world we're dealing with is small. Everyone is important, let's respect each other.